12 February 2009

4: Back Home with Baby/ies Discussion

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This post is #4 in a series of 4 free-form discussions related to where a couple is in the process. Unlike the topic-centric posts that adhere strictly to the subject, these are much more open to multiple subjects and are deticated to those who are at this particular stage. Here are the four stages of these free-form discussions:

1: In India Discussion - Baby-making!
2: Awaiting Pregnancy & Birth Discussion
3: In India Discussion - Baby Pick-up!
4: Back Home with Baby/ies Discussion

By making it this far, a dream has obviously been realized and as you must know, your accomplishments serve as hope and encouragement for us all. That said, I've come to learn that there is still often much in the way of support that we all can provide and learn from each other. Some possible discussions that might surface here could be about meeting the family & friends, health concerns, doctor visits, immunizations, care, clothes, and parenting tips & tricks...

As expressed in the three previous stages, even if you are not at this stage now, but have relevant input on the discussion, please chime-in as well.

This might serve as a good place to just keep-in-touch also.


  1. Mark is currently 4 months old, and had his 4 month vaccines on monday. He weighs in at 14 pounds, and is coming along nicely. I'm trying to get healthy this year, so that I will be able to keep up with Mark.

  2. Good to hear Crystal that Mark is progressing well, and that it's motivating you to improve your health! Sounds like a win/win to me.

    I am of course not at this stage, but can you elaborate on what vaccinations he's received thus far, and when, as well as what's planned going-forward, if you know? I think it might be helpful for us all to know and compare...


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