12 February 2009

Getting an Indian Visa

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While I realize that Dr. Patel is internationally famous, my experience in getting an Indian Visa is from the US. I hope our friends from Canada, Australia, UK, Iceland and other countries can share what they did to get the needed visa...

I would guess that there is more than one way to obtain an Indian visa in the US. We used this website: https://www.indian-visa.com/homepage

We found it to be rather straight-forward and easy. Being optimistic, we requested a 1-year visa with the hope that we'd return to pick-up a baby within 12 months (as of this moment, we are 11 weeks pregnant!). As you can see, the price is really not that much more expensive for a 1-year visa. In the Fall of 2008, this cost us $98 each, and with $20 for shipping, it was $216 total. We got the needed photos right at Costco for $11 for both of us and mailed those, along with our passports and application. Follow the directions carefully.

The turn-around time was a little over a week. Given that, I wouldn't apply too early as the visa time starts ticking once approved, not upon entering India.

Anyone go about securing their visa differently, or have other helpful information to share?

Also, the application asks for the reason(s) for visiting India. I seem to recall mixed opinions on how to respond. One option is for medical treatment, or something to that effect; and many of us didn't feel comfortable stating that as the reason for travel. I went back-and-forth on this question, and ultimately decided to just put travel / tourism. I feel that if one states they are visiting only Anand, it might be deduced that a visit to Dr. Patel's clinic is the reason; so I'd be a bit careful with this response. I stated that we were planning to visit Ahmedabad, Anand, and I believe Surat, so as to take the focus off Anand.

I think it might be helpful for all to hear how others addressed this question, and more importantly the thinking behind the decision...


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Will come back to visit often.

  2. Thanks Sander for encouraging me to start a blog. You are like 30 minutes away from us. If this interets you more, we can chat in-person...

    Ok, other visa obtainment stories?


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