12 February 2009

Have photos & video of Anand?

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Ok, this is the place to provide all, well almost all, of the relevant photos and videos you took while visiting Anand, India. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so it is my hope that these will be helpful...

Provide links or url's to where the photos and videos are maintained. And if I'm not asking too much, please give us a brief caption for each explaining what we are looking at. The main purpose here is to help others who have not yet visited Anand to have a very good idea of what to expect. I envision photos and video of the clinic, staff, roads / traffic, animals, hotels, restaurants, etc...

One more note, and while I probably don't need to say this, please be respectful of others and their wishes. I remember when we were in Anand, many of us couples didn't want our photos taken that might show-up on the internet or in some publication (reporters were out there at the time). We have quite a few photos of other couples, and ourselves, that we need to sift through first before sharing here. Also, I'd recommend not including photos of any surrogates.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Ok, with my wife's help, here are about 70 photos that we'd like to share:


I tried to include some helpful info in the captions as well. Click to enlarge and read...

As a first time user of Picasa, I'm very impressed. It was very easy to use.

And here I just added a YouTube video of one our first tuk tuk rides from Hotel Laksh to Dr. Patel's clinic:

I look forward to seeing what others have to share... Thanks.


  1. You can embed the actual YouTube video on your blog. On your blog, go to edit, switch to html, copy the embed video from YouTube, paste in blog while in HTML.

    It brings back so many memories!

  2. Thanks IP. My wife, who is the experienced blogger here, had me try that last night, but it failed a few times. I'll give it a shot again though the way you explain. Thanks for the help!


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