12 February 2009

1: In India Discussion - Baby-making!

Notice: All content here, and new additions can be found on a forum of the same name: http://dr-patel-surrogacy.com.

This post is #1 in a series of 4 free-form discussions related to where a couple is the process. Unlike the topic-centric posts that adhere strictly to the subject, these are much more open to multiple subjects for those who are at this particular stage. Here are the four stages of these free-form discussions:

1: In India Discussion - Baby-making!
2: Awaiting Pregnancy & Birth Discussion
3: In India Discussion - Baby Pick-up!
4: Back Home with Baby/ies Discussion

If you are currently in India to start the IVF / surogacy process, and want to share experiences, or have pressing questions or concerns, you've found the right place. And if you are not at this stage now, but were, or have relevant input on the discussion, please chime-in as well.

While other posts in this blog are focused on specific topics (helps a lot with organization), this one, and the three others like it, are geared to where you are in the process. For example, questions about restaurants, health matters, money are (or will be soon) separate topics here, they are all fair game in this "In India" thread also! And of course conversations about the IVF process and surrogacy are most germane as you are now living it, not just educating yourself... Discussing your cycle, meeting your surrogate, the meds/injections, eggs, the collections room (us guys), embryos, the transfer, gifting your surrogate, etc are all most appropriate here.

I'll make this very simple, if you are in India, and even if there is a specific post on a topic that you have a particular comment/question, posting here is perfectly fine. That said, if you have new, helpful info that we all are not yet aware, like a new restaurant you found for example, I ask that you later go to the appropriate topic post (restaurants in this example), and add a comment there regarding this newly found restaurant as well so that topic stays as informative as possible.

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